We started with a brand new website.

Fabricare Manager needed a new website to better connect with their customers, and by extension, their customers' customers.

Fabricare Manager website

Next–we took the mobile route.

A mobile app was developed to put ordering, tracking and account management in the hands of dry cleaning customers anywhere.

Fabricare Manager extended their software offering in the form of a mobile application that can be re-branded and deployed for any dry cleaner.

Fabricare Manager underwent a complete brand transformation.

Fabricare Manager Logo Design
Fabricare Manager Business Cards
Fabricare Manager Email Marketing
Fabricare Manager Product Sheets
Fabricare Manager Pocket Folder

"Not only did we end up re-doing our website, we also decided to change our logo and update all marketing materials based on the direction we were given by On Blast! All this has had an extremely positive effect on our business." Marcelo Rangel - Fabricare Manager